How do I add a store locator to my website?
Once you claim your profile, you can choose a monthly or yearly plan that fits your needs (see plans link). Choose a plan, contact us to discuss how to prep the location data, and we will then build your locator and send you an embed code typically in 2-3 days.
How do I make changes to my brand profile?
First you need to claim your profile by searching for your brand on our homepage. After you claim your profile, you will be given login information where you can make any desired changes to your profile.
How do I get my brand listed?
If you do not see your brand profile, you can fill out this form and provide your profile information. We will create your free profile and you will then be able to claim it. Please fill out this brand profile sign up [insert google form]
Is there a fee to have my brand profile on
No, there is no fee to have a profile. If you would like to add an optional store locator and locator analytics, we have several plans available for you to choose from.
Can I add a profile if my company only sells online?
Yes, you can add a brand profile if your company only sells online.
How do I remove my profile?

You can simply send in an email to and ask to remove your profile. If possible, please provide the URL of your brand profile. 

In what file format does my store location data need to be?

We accept all file formats, but prefer .csv or Excel (.xls or .xlsx) files. The key information we need in columns: retailer name, street address, city, state, zip code. If you want to add a product filter, contact us for specific file format requirements.

How do I add images to my profile or change my logo?

You can use an image on your website or Facebook page. Simply go to the image you want to add to your profile, right click on the image, copy the image address, and paste the image address into the field on your profile.